Thursday, January 20, 2011

Skins Controversey

     Just watch this trailer for MTV's new series "Skins"... I bet you already know what we're thinking over here at American Minor - a bit much? I know that teens typically act up and very often occasionally do stupid things, but WOW. These teens deserve to be in a correctional facility. After just the first airing of Skins this Monday, the controversy over this show has hit the New York times. Many executives and parents claim that it is illegal to show underage minors engaging in these sorts of acts. Executives at MTV have already ordered cuts to later episodes, taking out much of the disputed scenes.
       However, this raises more questions, are children affected by shows like this? Some would argue, yes; a child spends a majority of his or her day watching T.V. If they are flooded with teens acting stupid, they could get ideas. Others (like myself) are a bit more skeptical. I agree that Skins is highly inappropriate, but I believe that any damage done by the show will be done from other sources. Season 3 of Jersey Shore got its highest ratings this month; bringing in over 5 million viewers. Jersey Shore is just as inappropriate as Skins, it shows young people drinking, smoking, and doing other (to remain unnamed) acts.
     MTV in general needs to be more responsible. We cannot control what teens watch, but we can control what is available for them to watch. Seeing people act nuts may be extremely entertaining, but keep in mind - its a show. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

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