Monday, February 28, 2011

Its official: Jelena

I think it's pretty obvious and official that they're a couple.


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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Justin Bieber: Publicity Stunts?

Hello Readers(: It's Lizzie, the mysterious blogger.  Just kidding I'm not mysterious.  At all.  I share everything.  But it's my first blog post for American Minor, which is super exciting(:  And I thought I should sort of introduce myself!  Anyways, my first blog post is totally going to be about Justin Bieber, because let's face it, he's taking over girls' hearts the world!  Anyways enjoy the read, and no worries I won't be doing an intro every time!!  Sorry to break from the norm!!

Justin Bieber
The boy famous for almost everything he does may be guilty of publicity stunts.

He's famous for his hair, his girl voice, his hair flip, his looks, his movie, his brief acting career, his YouTube videos, his Twitter, his Vanity Fair cover and his tattoo.  So why is the boy that has it all still doing publicity stunts?  Who knows?

Over the years, Justin has been known for how chill he is.  He's been down-to-earth, easy going, and super nice to fans.  So are his publicity stunts really to boost his publicity or give his fans a laugh?

Don't get me wrong, I love the Biebs!  His movie was AMAZING and I totally respect him.  I love that he has water gun wars with his fans, wears purple sunglasses, gets hit with a water bottle, and tweets back his fans.  But, does he really need to preform little stunts to boost his hits on Google?  He's not Charlie Sheen.

So are his stunts, publicity stunts or his personality?

1. Justin Bieber's Tattoo:

So I didn't know about this publicity stunt until I was watching TMZ the other day.  It was when he wasn't as big, but it's still a stunt.  Justin Bieber's tattoo is totally real, which is absolutely crazy for a sixteen-year-old.  But why does when you search "Justin Bieber Tattoo" only this day at the beach surface?  We've all seen Bieber half naked in Never Say Never, so why only these pics?  What is so meaningful that a sixteen-year-old needs to ink himself for?  Who knows, but the tattoo parlor is verifying that it's real.  

All I have to say is that I love the man who did this:

2. Justin Bieber wears a mustache to the Critics Choice Awards:

I'm all for bold and crazy moves, but this is slightly ridiculous.  Justin Bieber wore a mustache to the Critics Choice Awards and interviewed people.  I love the boy to death, but seriously?  If it had been anyone else, they would have been shunned from society, but this teen heartthrob is staying in girls' hearts.  You decide: cute or crazy?

3. Justin Bieber "Goes Bald":

It's the day I saw Never Say Never.  When my Bieber Fever was sky-high, I come home to my best friend's dad saying: "Oh I was on my email and I saw that that Bieber kid shaved his head."  I nearly died!  How dare he!  The boy infamous for his beautiful hair flip shaves his head?!  So when we look closely, we realize it's totally fake.  Nice.  Relief and annoyance totally wash over me.  This publicity stunt was totally on edge.  So was his bald cap for fun/his personality or a total claim to fame?  I dunno, but I don't really approve.

4. Justin Bieber dating Selena Gomez:

Tabloids are so quick to speculate that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are dating.  They are absolutely convinced.  But, can two young, hot celebs just be friends in Hollywood?  Well, either way this courtship is sucking up major space all over mags.  The fact that Selena is 2 years older than Justin gives a lot of Beliebers much potential for jealousy (Really any girlfriend Bieber has brings jealousy).  But, Bieber has to earn some one's respect for scoring Selena, the new Miley Cyrus.  Justin has been seen serenading Selena (New Year's Rockin' Eve), holding hands with Selena, and kissing her.  So maybe there is some truth to this rumor, or maybe it's another Taylor and Taylor publicity stunt.  You decide.

I do love Justin Bieber.  I'll be seeing his movie more than once, but is he trying to boost his already huge fame or is he just being Justin Bieber?  Many Beliebers will say he's being Justin, but who would seriously wear a mustache to the Red Carpet.  At least he's still cute(:
XOXO --Lizzie(:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rough Week for Kanye West

   Kanye West
                           Lily Allen

Kanye West has had quite the week. Amber Rose, Kanye West's Z-list ex-girlfriend, has confirmed her relationship to rapper Wiz Khalifa. (The United States government likes to refer to him as Cameron Thomas; who was arrested last November for possession of 60 grams of marijuana). You may remember him from his hit "Black and Yellow". Amber and Wiz confirmed their relationship to FADER magazine and even posed for a few pictures.

Kanye West is not taking this news too gracefully. He tweeted, "Exes Will Be Exes". But later decided to throw more fuel into the fire... He tweeted, "An abortion can cost a ballin' n***a up to 50gs maybe a 100. Gold diggin' b*****s be getting pregnant on purpose. #STRAPUP my n****s!" 
 (Translation for those at home: Amber is a gold digger who likes the occasional visit to the baby doctor.) Lily Allen, who has suffered 2 miscarriages in the past, was very vocal about her disapproval towards this outburst. She tweeted, "@kanyewest never has a tweet put me in such a bad mood. This is wrong on so many levels," 

Does it seem like Kanye West is always putting someone in a bad mood? My thoughts, he's actually not completely wrong. Manipulative women who are in pursuit for money frequently target high powered men. Through sex, pregnancy, and marriage they hope for a big payoff. While few women fall into this category, this category of women is alive and well.  Mega millionare Kanye West would probably be an expert in women trying to use him for money. In regards to Lily Allen, go away. No one asked. 

PS- Kayne West did NOT offer an apology to Lily Allen.

- Jazz

Monday, February 21, 2011


Hm. this is different. 
Was it a painful moment i wonder?

Just 3 days ago at the 2011 BBVA All-Star Celebrity basketball game, Bieber's hair was in tact!

i think hes too small to catch.

 congrats on MVP!

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Yesterday, February 20th, we celebrated the 44th birthday of the late and GREAT Kurt Cobain. For those who don't know, he was the lead singer and guitarist of the 90s band, Nirvana. They put the angst in teenager and they are one of my favorite bands. It saddens me sometimes to think of what Nirvana could have come, had he not died, but I am comforted when I think of what we all have been blessed with: amazing music and sweet memories of the beautiful soul that was Kurt Cobain. Rest in peace, on this 44th of birthdays Kurt.
-Assata xx

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad

Lately I have noticed that Rihanna has been showing a little skin... (a lot of skin). I mean seriously, we don't all need to know whats under her umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh. At first I just thought "o.k. this girl went through alot, she's allowed to express herself". But honestly, I haven't seen her wear clothes since Pon De Replay was "the Jam". Seriously, take a look at "Classic" Rihanna and "New" Rihanna...
May 2008 - Photo shoot
2009 - "Hard" Video
Honestly, this is not good for girls to see. Her video for "S&M" was banned in 11 countries. (I've seen the video, and she was definitely not trying to sell her "music"). Obviously kids aren't buying this whole "Sexy-Monster" image. Her album "Rated R" (appropriately named), released November 20, 2009, only sold 181,000 copies in its first week. To give you a idea of how that stacks up, Eminem's "Recovery" sold 741,000 copies in its first week.
      Lets look at the bigger picture. Is anyone else concerned with the fact that the leading female super stars have to sell something other than music to get noticed. Lady Gaga sells her "monster" image. Nicki Minaj sells her "crazy alter ego's". Rihanna sells sex. Whereas, a man can get up on stage, sing - and people will respect his music. It sends a horrible message to girls. I think its up to women in entertainment to be the bigger people, the day I see Rihanna in a dress that covers her thighs or chest is the day I support her career. For now... we are left with the "All of The Lights Video".... Take note, Kanye West - fully clothed.
- Jazz

Friday, February 18, 2011

best dressed celebrity kids!

Honor Warren

Jaden and Willow Smith

Nahla Aubry
Mason Disick

Ming Lee and Aokie Lee
Siri Cruise
Maddox Jolie Pitt
Violet Afflect
Kingston Rossdale

Whitney Port's Style

FASHION FIX photo | Whitney Port
WHITNEY PORT photo | Whitney Port
WHITNEY PORT photo | Whitney Port
WHITNEY PORT photo | Whitney Port
ARMED AND READY photo | Whitney Port
'CITY' GIRL photo | Whitney Port
MULTI-TASKER  photo | Whitney Port
HELLO, DELI photo | Whitney Port
BUNDLE UP photo | Whitney Port
TUNING OUT  photo | Whitney Port
WHITNEY PORT photo | Whitney Port
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