Friday, January 28, 2011

Classic 80's Horror Films

            Well. As the cable goes out, and the snow piles up - there's really only one thing for me to do. WATCH 80's CLASSIC HORROR FLICKS. :D... trust me - this is not as lame as it sounds. Over the past two days I have watched Child's Play (Chuckie),  the Shining, and Poltergeist. There is just something about the horrible graphics that draws me in! Today, you cant watch a horror film without having nightmares and personal problems for weeks. Whereas old films scare you - but you leave the movie with some dignity left. 
            My favorite out of these three movies is Child's Play. Hands Down. Chuckie is the greatest little demented creature ever created, (coming in close second - Hannah Montana). While the Shining was also very demented, 2 hours of watching Jack Nicholson go crazy, can get kind of boring. Plus the movie takes place in a snowy secluded place in the winter, (sounds too much like my house). Poltergeist - Ahhhh good stuff. It's innocent horror. I went the whole movie without seeing one person's guts get dragged out of their eye sockets. :) Gotta love the old times. Go check these out!
PS - Netflix has all three on instant!
PSS - I'm starting a petition on "Saw". If we don't stop the madness now, we will be on Saw 23 before we know it. I think we've seen enough overly elaborate murders to get the point.

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