Thursday, January 6, 2011

Favorite Accessories of the Moment

1. Havana Ray Bans
I don't care if the sun is out or not. Ray Bans are adorable. Check out these "Red Havana" Ray Bans on Lady Gaga.... gorgeous. Something about the vintage look makes me just fall in love! You can pick these up at! 
2. High Heel Oxford

If this picture of Taylor Swift rocking the oxford heel, doesn't make you realizes the level of their awesomeness - nothing else will. I may not be very great at walking in heels, but I would definitely endure some blisters for these shoes. You can find them in virtually every style and color. Wear them with some cute tights and your look is absolutely perfect!

3. Corduroy Pants

Jessica Alba is so gorgeous. If she likes corduroy pants, I like corduroy pants. You can dress them up or down. If your wearing a blouse and scarf or just cute tee and some chucks - you are looking great. They are comfortable, casual, and dressy all wrapped in one. I own a pair of navy corduroy skinnies and a pair of tan corduroy flares! Go get some!- JAZZ

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