Sunday, January 23, 2011

Awesome Bands

Best Coast
(l to r, Ali Koehler, Bethany Consentino, Bobb Bruno)

Best Coast - Boyfriend
 Bethany Consentino's lyrics are simple and sweet and they kind of remind me of both 90s romantic comedies and a girl's diary. Her vocals are just mesmerizing! She sings lead and does lead guitar, Bobb Bruno does bass and Ali Koehler, formerly from Vivian Girls (other awesome band), plays drums. And although I think the east coast is the best coast, they are one of my favorite bands and I listen to them everyday. And they make me want to go to the beach and be happy. 

(Nathan Williams)

Wavves - King of The Beach

Awesome-wonderful noise band that consists mostly of Nathan Williams. His songs are really random, but really cool and like they're really funny. He recorded his latest record with Billy Hayes on drums and Stephen Pope on bass, but since Novemeber 2010 has played with new drummer Jacob Cooper. He had a slight breakdown in 2009 while on tour, but he's made a tremendous comeback! Wavves makes me wanna party and go crazy.

The Plastiscines
 (l to r, Anoushke Vandevyvere, Marina Nuelly, Katty Besnard, and Louise Basilien)

The Plasticines - Barcelona

They're an all-girl band from France, but they sing mostly in english. Katty Besnard sings and plays guitar, Marina Nuelly also plays guitar,  Louise Basilien plays bass, and Anoushka Vandevyvere plays drums. They have really up-beat song about everything. They spin life in such a fun and cute and adorable life that I sometimes wish my life was like a Plasticines song; they make me want to go on a bike ride around Paris and drink starbucks. I found them two years ago when I found Nylon magazine which was seriously one of the of best things that ever happened to me. They were on Gossip Girl I think this season or last season and I felt like a proud mama.

The Cool Kids
(l to r, Sir Mikey Rocks and Chuck Inglish)

The Cool Kids - Pennies

I've been listening to them for awhile. They consist of Chuck Inglish and Sir Mikey Rocks and they're my favorite rap group from this generation..yep. They just make me feel sad because more people should know about them and they don't and because sucky-terrible "rappers" are considered better than them and obviously they are NOT. They're from Illinois & Michigan. They rap about everything like girls, haters, working, partying and being cooler than you and sometimes nothing like...popcorn or 1988. But trust me its always quality.

Lissy Trullie
(Lissy Trullie)
Lissy Trullie - Boy Boy

Omg, do I love her and her deep vocals. I've known her for a lonnng time, about five years. But I didn't listen to her until around three years ago. She used to be a DJ, but now she sings and she's just so awesome and cool. Also she's from DC which adds cool points, because she represents well. Her songs make me wanna dance. Her live band consists of Josh Elrod on drums, Eben D'Amico on lead guitar, and Ian Fenger on bass. Her last record, Self-Taught Learner was even re-released with a bunch of awesome covers. I'm very much so anticipating some new material from her, hopefully soon.

-Assata xx

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