Monday, January 24, 2011

My Love, Sean Malto

. Introducing.... SEAN MALTO. Although it may not look like it, Sean is 21 years old! (He looks really good for his age.) Besides the obvious reasons to love him - lets take a deeper look. Sean Malto is a professional Skater and he currently lives in Kansas City. (which he vehemently represents) At the young age of 21, he is already sponsored by Gatorade and has his own shoe! He had been featured in Allure magazine, and was catapulted into the spotlight last year. Not to mention, he is the best skater alive. (in my opinion)
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  2. ♥.♥ Is he 21 years old?! I can't belive He's hottie!

    Well done... I like ur post!

    ·s e a n m a l t o f a n·

  3. hes mine :). seriously.