Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hot Sauce and Soy sauce? whaaaa

Okay i have a revelation folks! We all know Chipotle is the BOMB and just so addicting but sometimes it can get a little repetitive you know, going their every hour of the day. (Ok not every hour of the day just every other day :)...I'm kidding still haha:). But anyway, my order usually consists of either the tacos or the burrito bowl. This post is dedicated to the delicious burrito bowl.
My Burrito Bowl:
  1. steak and barbacoa--all because of jazz!
  2. cilantro-lime rice
  3. pinto beans (idk why a lot of people don't like beans!!
  4. cheese; sour cream is so nasty and they just like to pile it on!
  5. lettuce
  6. light corn (too many onions)
Well those were my original ingrediants for my bowl. After a while i got bored of the same taste as i said it became repetitive and it needed some spicing up with my own imagination! So i experimented!(CAUTION-experimenting with many ingredients+chipotle can have dietary effects) jk. So i opened my cabinet of ingredients and found some Texas Pete hot sauce and some soy sauce( two things i usually top my other foods with) I sprinkled a little of that and that on that and that and came up with a puuuure delish Chipotle bowl! Yes this sounds very sauce and soy sauce? Well all i can say is...dont knock it till ya try it!

I encourage all readers to go and experiment with your CHIPOTLE bowls,tacos,burritos, and etc.!!!!

Whats your secret ingredient to make your chipotle bowl "extra" bomb!?


credits: google images

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