Monday, December 20, 2010

Creeper Alert

Okay, this blog is about to get personal - very personal. This is a very touchy subject for a lot of girls... but here it is... Creepers. Yes, that is a very "untechnical" term - but hey... Yes world - I have a creeper. 

So here is my very personal story that is just between me and you... (and the rest of the world)... Once upon a time, there was a magical homecoming. I was having a wonderful time (a big step up from sophomore year when I threw my "Anti-homecoming" - complete with DVD's and pizza). I was dancing with my friends when I saw the cutest boy. period. long story short, we danced and had a great time. I didn't know his name, and he didn't go to my school. At the end of homecoming, we parted ways and I thought we would never see each other. However thanks to, you guessed it, FACEBOOK - that was all a lie. We texted day and night. at school. In the car. At lunch. In Homeroom. While I was doing my homework. At dinner. ALL. THE. TIME.

Thats when it went downhill for me. I started getting physically sick from talking to him. I know this sounds ultra-crazy - but yes. He was texting me so much that I was getting claustrophobic. I started getting migraines, and I would literally turn off my cell phone, and hide it get away from the constant "bzzz" of a new message. I stopped responding to him, but he wouldn't leave me alone. He messaged me on Facebook so much that I almost deleted my account. To this day, (JoJo and Assata as my witness), I avoid Facebook at all costs. 

The worst part, two months have past and it hasn't stopped. He texts me once every week. Less than before, but this is a start. Lucky for me I don't have to see him at school. But either way, this isn't okay. Creepers - STOP. Girls - IGNORE THEM AT ALL COSTS. Your life is too short to spend it creeping on others. (that wasn't very poetic - I know). Anyway, I don't really understand why things like this happen, but just know that if anyone out there is having problems like this.. AMERICAN MINOR IS HERE FOR YOU. tell us your personal story, it might make the difference to someone else!

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