Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Bestest Things About 2010

omfg.2011 is almost here! I cannot believe 2010 went by so quick. I think its time we give it a formal goodbye... and what better way, than to do a 2010 Bestest Junk list! wooooooohhhhhhhh!... ok that was a Fail. but whatever, here it goes. 

1. Best Thing Random thing I Learned this year!
By the way people, this means "shaking my head". I had no idea.... I thought it was like a noise that someone makes? like "smmmhhh"? oh well, dont judge me.

2. Best Facebook Secret

Until 2010 I was scared to death to press the "poke" button. I thought for sure it would accidentally delete someones profile. Haha. Now I realize its just a way to piss someone off through the web. "Poke." "Poke." "Poke."  -.-
3. Best Comeback

awwww. Look how happy he is! I think that Kanye West has made a huge comeback! He went from being one of the most hated people, to one of the most only slightly hated people... did that make sense? idk. But I love his music - you go kanye! 
4. Most Amazingly Cool Person
"Nicki Minaj"

Nicki Minaj is honestly one of the few people who can wear a green wig and look AMAZING. She is so creative. Even if you don't like her music (because your deaf and have no taste) you can still appreciate her spunk. :) btw. Did ya'll know that her real name is "Onika Tanya Maraj"... hmm ok, Nicki. we still love you!

5. Best You-Tube Video
"Antoine Dodson warns a PERP on LIVE TV! (Original)"

 "You are realllllyyy Dumb." Enough said.
"McNugget Rage"

Wow.. You are so gangster. Trying to bust into a McDonalds at 6 in the morning for some McNuggets.  FAIL.

7. Most Insane Invention of 2010
"Wanderest Seat"
"A portable seat that can be strapped to lamp posts and other poles. It is light weight so it can easily be carried by the elderly" okkkk... I have a couple of problems with this. Why exactly do old people want to sit on lamp posts? And personaly, I dont want my grandma "resting" on a street corner? Thats not a good look. hmmm. Life's many mysteries.
8. Funniest Tweet of 2010

" the awkward moment when your milkshake doesnt bring all the boys to the yard anymore, just like 2 boys come...and thats it. "

9. Favorite Old Person of 2010
"Old Guy Dancing to Lady Gaga - Poker Face"
Who doesn't like Lady Gaga? No one. Just no one. 

10. Best Memory of 2010

"3 yr. Old Girl Crying over Justin Bieber"

I feel the same way. I love Justin Bieber. Honestly, if you dont like him or this video - you need to find a soul. And quick, 2011 is almost here :P

- Jazz. Happy New Year Pplz :)

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