Monday, December 20, 2010

Grocery Store Madness

I know it's a magical season and there is happiness everywhere, but there is still one source of turmoil and pain in my life. THE GROCERY STORE. I hate the grocery store. I hate the lines. I hate the coldness of the frozen food aisles. I hate the check out lady with the attitude. I hate the rude old guy stacking food on the shelves. I hate how it takes forever to load all the bags in the car. I hate how it takes forever to bring the bags in the house. I hate how it takes hours out of our lives that we will never get back. I hate the very essence of the grocery store.

Surprise, surprise guess where I just came from before I started writing this - the grocery store. I wonder sometimes, we can go to the moon, make a car drive faster than the speed of sound, use a cell phone to talk to people in China, but we cant come up with a better way to get food! It's ridiculous. Is it just me? Am I just the grocery store demon??? I didn't think so 
 - Jazz

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