Thursday, June 16, 2011

Joe Jonas "Gone Solo?"

Details April 2011 Issue
              It may be a while before another Jonas Brothers album drops, but this Jonas Brother is still very much on the music scene. Joe Jonas has officially launched his solo career with his single "See No More". Co-written by Chris Brown, "See No More" is the tale of a young man who is struggling with a harsh break-up. (Could he be hinting at his previous break-up with Twilight star Ashley Greene?. It's a possibility.) "See No More" was released June 13 on iTunes, and is quickly climbing the charts. (Personally, I am loving the new sound. It is reminiscent of the original up beat Jo Bro albums that are still getting plenty of radio time on my iPod).
              Contrary to Nick Jonas' blues and classic soul album, Joe Jonas has turned towards a more uptempo and electronic sound. Despite these creative differences, Nick Jonas remains supportive as usual towards his older brother. Nick said to MTV News: "Joe's record's really coming together nicely. It's been kind of a process for him to create it, and he's taking his time, which I think is important. But it's really a quality record. I listened to it in the car, and I was just loving it." (aww, Nick Jonas always was the sensitive sweet brother).
              So what can we expect in the future from Joe? People magazine reports that his solo album will be released in September of this year. However, Joe Jonas has recently been debuting some of his new tracks in concert. In Chicago, during his very first solo performance, Joe Jonas played never before heard tracks "Fast Life" and "Love Slayer". According to concert goers, these songs were very well received! Joe Jonas also made a "Jonas Brother first" when he had female dancers join him on stage during his performance. (*jaw drop*)
             Could there be another Jonas Brothers album in the future? Yes! (thank the Lord above) 
Last Friday on The View, Nick explained the guys were all "just taking some times to do some individual projects and enjoy that journey that each of us are on. We'll come back and do something together soon." In the mean time, the true Jonas Brothers fans will wait patiently and reminisce on the good ole' days.

                                                                            - Jazz

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