Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad

Lately I have noticed that Rihanna has been showing a little skin... (a lot of skin). I mean seriously, we don't all need to know whats under her umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh. At first I just thought "o.k. this girl went through alot, she's allowed to express herself". But honestly, I haven't seen her wear clothes since Pon De Replay was "the Jam". Seriously, take a look at "Classic" Rihanna and "New" Rihanna...
May 2008 - Photo shoot
2009 - "Hard" Video
Honestly, this is not good for girls to see. Her video for "S&M" was banned in 11 countries. (I've seen the video, and she was definitely not trying to sell her "music"). Obviously kids aren't buying this whole "Sexy-Monster" image. Her album "Rated R" (appropriately named), released November 20, 2009, only sold 181,000 copies in its first week. To give you a idea of how that stacks up, Eminem's "Recovery" sold 741,000 copies in its first week.
      Lets look at the bigger picture. Is anyone else concerned with the fact that the leading female super stars have to sell something other than music to get noticed. Lady Gaga sells her "monster" image. Nicki Minaj sells her "crazy alter ego's". Rihanna sells sex. Whereas, a man can get up on stage, sing - and people will respect his music. It sends a horrible message to girls. I think its up to women in entertainment to be the bigger people, the day I see Rihanna in a dress that covers her thighs or chest is the day I support her career. For now... we are left with the "All of The Lights Video".... Take note, Kanye West - fully clothed.
- Jazz

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